Foie Gras with Grilled Leek and MATCHA SpoonSushi!

Here is a bit of a luxurious recipe for our gourmet people: Foie Gras!
Marinate it in this MISO based sauce, and grill (this dish is called SAIKYO-YAKI). Also grill some leeks.
Sprinkle some MATCHA powder on top, and ENJOY!


  • Foie Gras 120g
  • Leeks
  • MATCHA (green tea powder)
  • MISO 100g*
  • MIRIN (sweet SAKE seasoning) 4 tablespoons*
  • SAKE (for cooking) 4 tablespoons* (*mix them and marinate the Foie Gras for 12-24 hrs)
  • Sushi Rice (White rice with rice vinegar)

Chef’s Tips

If you have problems finding the ingredients marked with a ‘*’ above, you can substitute them with the following:
– white wine (preferably dry) 5 tablespoons
– honey 5 tablespoons
– MISO (other than white, but lighter the better) 100g


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