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Shrimp with Avocado and Cucumber and Sweet Chili SpoonSushi!

Here is something new: SpoonSushi with Sweet Chili Sauce flavor. May go well with some Tom Yum Kung (Thai hot and sour soup), too! Ingredients Shrimp (Boiled) Avocado Cucumber Sweet Chili Sauce Sushi Rice (White rice with rice vinegar) Chef's Tips Mix Shrimp, Avocado and the Sweet Chili Sauce together before serving it on the rice.

Fried Chicken with Boiled Eggs, Avocado and Consomme Jelly SpoonSushi!

Sick of Sushi with fish? You can enjoy SpoonSushi with some Fried Chicken, too! Adding Avocado and Boiled Eggs will give some rich flavor to your SpoonSushi. Ingredients Fried Chicken Boiled Eggs Avocado Consomme Jelly Sushi Rice (White rice with rice vinegar) Chef's Tips Enjoy with some well-cooled Consomme Jelly!

Roast Beef with Canned Tuna, Avocado, Boiled Eggs and Mayo SpoonSushi!

If you'd like to make some SpoonSushi with Meat, here is a recipe using some Roast Beef. This is a fun, tasteful combination with Beef, Canned Tuna, Avocado and some Boiled Eggs! Ingredients Roast Beef Avocado Boiled Eggs Canned Tuna Mayo Sushi Rice (White rice with rice vinegar) Chef's Tips Mix Canned Tuna and Mayo well before serving it on the Rice.

Shrimp, IKURA and Cucumber SpoonSushi!

Shrimp, IKURA (Samone Roe) and Cucumber SpoonSushi is a White Belt recipe, one of the easiest ones. What you have to do is just cut the ingredients and put them on a spoon! Sexy red of the Shrimp and IKURA perfectly suits the party. The green color of the Cucumber and its crunchy texture add a good accent to the Sushi. Enjoy! Ingredients Shrimp IKURA (Samone Roe) Cucumber Soy Sauce (Optional) Sushi Rice (White rice with rice vinegar) Chef's Tips You can enjoy it ...

Scallops with SHISO Leaves and Lemon SpoonSushi!

Scallops go well with SHISO Leaves. Enjoy the natural "sweetness" of the fresh Scallops with the refreshing flavor of the SHISO Leaves. Ingredients Scallops SHISO Leaves Lemon Peel Soy Sauce Sushi Rice (White rice with rice vinegar) Chef's Tips Making the lemon peel decorative will make the Sushi look nice!

MAGURO with WASABI SpoonSushi!

This is a very "basic" recipe: place a piece of MAGURO on some Sushi Rice, and put some WASABI on top upon preference! It's that easy :) Ingredients MAGURO (Raw Tuna) WASABI Soy Sauce Sushi Rice (White rice with rice vinegar) Chef's Tips There are no tips, it's that easy!

Foie Gras with Grilled Leek and MATCHA SpoonSushi!

Here is a bit of a luxurious recipe for our gourmet people: Foie Gras! Marinate it in this MISO based sauce, and grill (this dish is called SAIKYO-YAKI). Also grill some leeks. Sprinkle some MATCHA powder on top, and ENJOY! Ingredients Foie Gras 120g Leeks MATCHA (green tea powder) MISO 100g* MIRIN (sweet SAKE seasoning) 4 tablespoons* SAKE (for cooking) 4 tablespoons* (*mix them and marinate the Foie Gras for 12-24 hrs) Sushi Rice (White rice with rice vinegar) ...